AMTC Dresden

Environmental Protection

To preserve our natural resources and to reduce the environmental impact, we introduced the certified environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 in 2006. Our focus is on continuous optimization, on compliance with all legal requirements and on our employees, who can help to shape the processes with their ideas for improvement.

One example of actively addressing environmental protection issues is our strategic water target. The production of ultra-pure water is not only energy-intensive, but also generates waste water due to the high standards of purity. Taking our increased production into account, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing our water consumption by 45% by 2025. By adapting rinsing processes and recycling uncontaminated wastewater, we already managed to reduce our consumption by 47% by the end of 2023 which is the equivalent to an annual saving of more than 255,000 filled bathtubs.

However, further savings in this area are already being prepared for us to stretch ourselves even further to so that we do not want to count the goal as achieved, but rather set ourselves higher goals - in the interests of a clean environment and our descendants.

Sustainable energy saving potentials

Energy Management System

The AMTC implemented an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 to ensure sustainable managment during the planning and procurement of machinery & equipment, as well as during the operation and maintenance processes. Potential energy savings are continuously identified and implemented contribute to our efforts to climate protection.

One of our stategic goals is reducing the energy required to produce a photomask by 50% by 2025. By 2022, an improvement of 54% in energy consumption had already been achieved. Another goal is to avoid CO2 emission. One factor to sustainably improve the CO2 balance is the purchase of electricity from renewable sources. The total CO2 emissions from the energy consumption of electricity and natural gas (component of scope 1 and 2 emissions from GHG) could thus be reduced by more than 10,000 t CO2 per year since 2013 - and this with a tripling of the production volume compared to 2013!

All in all, the issue of energy is more important than ever as production expands, ageing equipment is replaced and the workforce grows. For this reason, and from the social perspective, the AMTC takes responsibility for industrial activities and the related impact on the environment.