The key aspects in the production are versatile and at the same time also the special feature of the product. It all starts with an enormous amount of data. In a complex computing process, several terrabytes of data containing the digital image of the product must be converted into a format that can be written to the photomask at the AMTC. For this purpose, the AMTC operates one of the most powerful computer centres in Saxony. Precision is crucial in the production process: Structures 1000 times smaller than a hair have to be written and etched with nanometre accuracy. This is not a job for ruler and pencil. The machines required for our processes are highly complex and are set up and operated by our carefully trained specialist staff. The manufacturing processes are constantly being developed and optimized. Only in this way we can supply our unique photomasks to our customers without defects and keep pace with technology.

  • 100% Perfekt Masks
  • No Stock Production
  • Just-in-time Production